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Khimel is a village in Pali district, near Rani, Rajasthan, India. Being one among the Gorhwarh kshetra, this town is densely populated by Jains. It is about four kilometers from Rani.

There is one Bavan jinalay temple in our village, there are many pilgrimage around our village, the most visited once are Nakodaji, Ranakpur and Panchtirth wich include five places mainly Varkana, Narlai, Mucchala Mahavir, Nadol, Ratamahavir.

Nakadoji is 180 km. and Ranakpur is 45 km. from our village. Ranakpur is famous for its stone carvings and is a world famous tourist spot

Shri Khimel Teerth is the major pilgrim center. The samadhi temple of Shri Vijayrajendra Surishwarji and a huge temple constructed by Smt Nagibai are the other important shrines at this place.
Khimel Railway Station, on the
Falna-Rani rail route, serves this place. Bus and taxi services are available from Rani and Falna.

khimel is divided into two parts first is village and second is dhani most of people from there are shifted two mumbai for their business there are many social worker among them kishore khimawat and n.c.mehta are famous for their work mainly this region is called as gorwar and the language which is speak by people is marwari which is famous in India there is railway station also and nearly good railway station are falna and rani it covers almost part of gorwar for their journey

Visitor attractions around Khimel

there are many places like hanuman mandir in khimel and near places are svarn mandir , nimbo ka nath in falna, sai mandir and gauri shankar rani, ranakpur which is a great mandir of jainism is famous for their pillor and every tourist come to see this mandir if he come to rajasthan, ashapura nadol ... are a great places are there [1]PANCH MUKHI HUNMAN MANDIR [2]JOGMAYA MANDIR[ABME MATA][3]SHANKAR MANDIR [4]THAKUR JI MANDIR [KRISHNA][5]RAMSAPIR [6]LAXMI MANDI [7]SANESHWAR MANDI [8]MAMA DHANI DHAM,NEAR ABOUT BIG & SMALL HINDU SANTAN DHRAM 25 MANDIR IN KHEMIL & VERY NEAR LASKABHAKAR HINGLAS MATA MANDIR

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